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Smart LDAR camera

Optical emission detection is a new technology that has been developed to provide rapid, accurate and intrinsicaly safe identification of fugitive gas leaks. Via our state-of-the-at technology, our team of highly trained staff can come to site and provide site surveys to ‘see’ emissions of hydrocarbon leaks such as methane that are invisible to the human eye. Our technology also allow us to detect leaks when tradtional ambient sinfter devices cannot due to conditions such as wind direction. Our tchnology is ATEX 2 certified allowing us to operte in explosive environement. Our camera can also detect leaks in hard to reach areas from up to 100 meters away, something ‘tradtional’ technology can not do.

Our technology can even quantify the leak rate aallowing the calculation of the lost product expense.

Advantages to LDAR gas leak camera technology

Cost and time effective

No disruption to operations

Can detect leaks from remote or hard to reach locations

Reduce fire and explosion risk

Save money on lost product via leaks an faulty valves

Perform surveys in all weather conditions